Research Methods

Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo. Illustrated, “the power of the situation” though this lab experiment would not be considered ethical today

Here is where you’ll find all our major documents related to research methods.  Key understandings include:

  • Types of research methods

    • Quantitative: 

      • Lab Experiment
      • Field Experiment
      • Quasi / Natural Experiment
        • Correlational analysis
      • Meta-analysis
      • Survey
    • Qualitative 

      • Naturalistic observation
      • Meta-analysis
      • Interviews
  • Pros and cons of each research method
  • Ethics in research
  • Qualitative Research Learning outcomes jigsaw

Other Key Concepts and Understandings

  • Correlation vs causation
  • Measures of central tendency
    • Standard Deviation
    • Mean / median / mode
  • Independent vs. dependent variables and how to set up an experiment
  • Sampling techniques
    • Random
    • Snowball
    • Opportunity
 Below, you’ll find documents to help you understand concepts regarding research methods in psychology: 

Correlation vs. Causation:  THE RED WINE MYSTERY

Independent/dependent variables and control: COMING SOON

Experimental Design Practice: Design your own experiment! 

Designing a Psych Experiment

Review of Major Concepts: 

Reserach methods Cribsheet

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