Rise of Fascism and WW2


The Treaty of Versailles and the World Remade:

It’s crucial to understand the failures of the treaty of versailles, the treaty to end ww1, in order to understand the rise of fascism in Germany as well as the outbreak of ww2.  We’ll examine Hitler’s rise to power as a way to understand all the above

Here are two good powerpoints outlining the treaty of Versailles: 



Here is a Map Showing the political changes in Europe Post ww1:


Below is a link to Wilson’s 14 points:


***It is crucial to understand how the treaty attempted to alleviate the presence of the causes of ww1, as well as understand how the treaty failed. In short, in what ways was the treaty of versailles a success as well as a failure? 

The League of Nations

Use the linked PDF resource below as well as your text to:

**Identify and explain 2 successes of the league of nations as well as 2 failures**

Treaty of Versaille Reading plus League of Nations

The Rise of Hitler, Fascism and the Weimar Republic

Studying and understanding the rise of Hitler will be a major focus of this unit of study. Additionally, in concurrence, we’ll examine the rise of fascism. In order to understand both, it is important that you have a lucid understanding of the historical context of post ww1 Germany. To meet this end, complete the learning helper below:

Post WW1 Germany understanding historical context

Roads To War: The Origins of WW2

Road to War Jigsaw

Appeasement:  Understanding the Various Perspectives


Rubric For Summative Assessment:

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