The Enlightenment

Historians like to name stuff.

Like the renaissance, the enlightenment’s name carries meaning. Some “Essential Questions” that will focus our investigation are:

  1. How did enlightenment philosophy encourage political change?
  2. Are humans naturally self-less and good or naturally selfish and evil? If the latter, then how do we have a functioning society?
  3. What is the role of government in society?

We will investigate the major thinkers of the enlightenment with the goal of not only understanding their thought, but understanding how their thought impacted society. 

Understanding the Enlightenment: Understanding the Enlightenment

Some Great Resources to help your investigation: 

  • Stanford on Locke:
  • Stanford on Rousseau:
  • Stanford on Hobbes:
  • Stanford on Kant:
  • Stanford on VolPhilosopher Statement Examtaire:

Additional Philosopher Resources: 

An old dead white man’s perspective on a modern Issue: Application of Knowledge: Philosopher Statement Exam