What is Art ?

In order to explore this question, you will need to come up with a definition of art and then apply it to a stimuli that we examined in class. In order to achieve this, make a copy of the the following learning helper: WHAT IS ART? 

What is the value of art?!

Since the beginning of human civilization there has always been art. What is it about an “aesthetic experience” that is such a crucial element of the human condition?

Philosophy of Art:

There have been many philosophers who have attempted to answer the above question and many more related ones.  Notably Plato, Kant, Nietsche, James, and Hegel. However today you’ll look into two other famous philosophers and their work on the subject of Art: Arthur Schopenhaur and John Dewey.


Schopenhaur was a German philosopher writing in the 19th century. Click on the link below and read the quick bio of Schopenhaur and then navigate to article 5.1 “Aesthetic Perception as a mode of transcendence” Read it:


Dewey was an American Philosopher writing in the 20th century. Click on the link below and read the quick bio of Dewey and then navigate to article 2.1 2 titled, “The Challenge to Philosophy”  Read that as well as article 2.13 “Criticism and Perception”:

Dewey Vs. Schopenhauer: An Analysis of Aesthetic Philosophy

Half of you will read the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Schopenhauer linked above. The other half will read the entry on Dewey; also linked above. 

When finished, YOU ALL Have to complete the questions and activity linked on the following document:

Understanding Aesthetic Philosophy: Dewey Vs. Schopenhauer

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