Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

1.  What makes something a “science”?

2.  What are the strengths of Science as an Area of Knowledge?  What are the weaknesses?

3.  What Ways of Knowing does science rely on?

4.  What type of logic does Science rely on?

The above questions will focus our investigation of this Area of Knowledge and we’ll examine it through a variety of scientific disciplines, though we’ll focus on Physics as doing so shines a light on both science’s strengths and limitations!

Are Scientific Truths Better Than Other Truths? 

Listen to this Entitled Opinions (my favorite podcast) interview with Andrei Linde who is one of the authors of “expansionary theory” below:

While listening to the interview answer the following questions:

1.  Is linde’s inflationary theory science or philosophy? What elements make it philosophy and what elements make it science?

2.  Does linde’s theory support or refute existence of God in your own mind?

3.  What is your personal, “mind blowing” statement or idea contained within the interview?

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