Health Psychology


The major aim of Health Psychology is to investigate behaviors and habits of mind that lead to a HEALTHIER lifestyle!  Sounds great right!  It is!

“The Way you think and the way you act can transform your experience of stress” –Kelly McGonigal (Stanford)

This unit has 3 sub units with unique learning outcomes and the one or more of the following topics can be used to demonstrate / illustrate the learning outcomes listed below: 

  • stress

  • addiction

  • obesity

  • chronic pain

  • sexual health

  1. Determinants of Health

    Biopsychosocial model of health and well-being

    Dispositional factors and health beliefs

    Risk and protective factors

  2. Health Problems

    Explanations of health problem(s)

    Prevalence rates of health problem(s)

    3. Promoting Health 

    Health promotion

    Effectiveness of health promotion programme(s)

Unit Google Doc: Study Guide to Studies

PDF of Bandura’s Social Cognitive Model of Healthy Behaviour: Bandura Self Efficacy social cognitive Health Model

Bandura on Health belief model chart

Here is a chart in which he breaks down the different elements of the major competing theories of health related behavior:

Complete the Learning Activity below as our introduction to Stress: 

Understanding Stressors and investigating coping

Stress Management From the Yale Stress Center

Yale Stress Tips.       

How to Deal with Stress updated_404711_46027_v1


Nutrition articles to read and identify two “takeaways”


Exercise Articles to choose from for collaborative content Jigsaw

Health PSA Final Project HERE

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