Societal Change

Societal change is important; I don’t think any of you want to live the way humans did 50,000 years ago when language was first developed and humans first began living in large groups!

In some ways, history is really the story of change. After all, we don’t really care about something that isn’t “new” or “different” if its more of the same it doesn’t get put in a history book!

So what creates change? And how do we know when we need it? These are just a few of the questions that will focus our inquiry throughout this unit! The others are below:

Societal Change 

  1. How do we know when change is needed? 
  2. what are effective strategies for change?
  3. How are economic change and societal change related?
  4. How do we pursue political progress? 
  5. Are governments or culture the major engines of societal change? 
  6. To what extent can individuals create societal change 
  7. What role does the media play in societal change?

Asking and Answering Questions: What are Effective Strategies for Change? Inquiry practice and articulation refinement

**A report from Georgetown on Societal Movements and Social Change: What Works?

**Do Protests Actually Work? A video by CNN asking and answering that question