Art & Literature

“Kill for Peace” a artist’s response to the Vietnam war; 1967

Art is a crucial component of culture and culture is a crucial driver of behavior and cognition. Thus, a key question worthy of investigation is: To What extent does life imitate art? Or conversely, does art imitate life? What is the role of art in: Social Change, Protest and Equality?

Art& Literature

  1. What role does art and literature play in societal and cultural change? 
  2. In what ways are artistic movements linked to historical events and vice/ versa? 
  3. How can historians use art to inform understanding? 
  4. To what extent is art a faithful source of historical knowledge? 
  5. What is the role of art and literature in change movements?

Vietnam, Art & Literature

Analysing Vietnamese War Posters: Examining Perspectives and understanding the role of art

Social Change, Art and Literature

Art and its role in belief and value change