Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment

The internal assessment is worth 25% of your overall IB psychology grade! It is an EASY way to help yourself get that desired 6 or 7 !

The following documents will be IMMENSELY helpful to you while you engage in the Internal Assessment Process: 


A List of IB Approved Studies to Replicate (this is not exhaustive): 

IA Creation Step 1: Theory and Investigation Choice

IB Guide Description: Includes Presentation and Formatting information as well as requirements: 

Presentation Requirements and Word Count Info

Internal Assessment Rubric: 


A phenomenal breakdown of all things STATISTICS from the IB including a flow chart to know what statistical test you should use!!! 

Guide to Writing your IA: 

A Overall Guide to Writing your IA HERE !!! SO HELPFUL

Example IA earning an A grade: 22 point IA as graded by the IB

Another Example IA with an Analysis that got a 5/6: HERE

A Well Written Evaluation Section HERE

Guide to Writing Introduction Section: HERE
Guide to Writing Exploration Section: HERE

Guide to Writing Analysis Section: HERE

Evaluation Peer Edit and Guide to writing Evaluation Section: HERE
Class Strengths / Limitations Brainstorm: HERE
Parent Permission form students should include in appendix if participants under 16: Parent Permission Form Psych IA
What Type of Data Do I have?????? An explanation of all things: Nominal, Interval and Ordinal HERE

Order of Operations Guide to Creating the Internal Assessment According to Mr. Kuykendall

Self Assessment CHECKLIST to be completed when finished: HERE

Grade Boundaries and Conversions:

Internal Assessment
IB Score Letter Grade
19-22 7 A+
17-18 6 A
13-16 5 B / B+
9-12 4 C / C+
5-8 3 D
3-4 2 F
0-2 1 F

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