Knowledge. Questions.

Knowledge questions are a crucial component of the TOK curriculum.  Fluency in their construction is necessary for high achievement on both the presentation and essay components of the TOK program.

So, in order to practice creating knowledge questions, you’ll go through the following exercise. This is simultaneously designed to get you to learn some cool new things about the world and “think big” Pinky Dinky Doo Style

So.  The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to various reputable and interesting web sites.  A list of my favorites are below:
    5. (sports and culture. but smart)
  2. Read some articles.  These will be content specific. these will satisfy the “real world situation” component of both the essay and the presentation.
  3. Generate knowledge questions inspired by your article reading. Remember, knowledge questions should be:

    1. About Knowledge
    2. General
    3. Open Ended

YOU MUST GENERATE 4 KNOWLEDGE QUESTIONS IN TOTAL. They MUST be linked to an article you read…so you can get 4 from one article, or 2 from one and 2 from another…or 1 from each of 4 different articles. whatever. just get 4 from a RECENT article. 

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