The Matrix as Simulation Argument and Metaphor

Yes, watching the Matrix in TOK is definitely cliche, but whatever. It’s just too perfect for furthering our investigation of the Simulation Argument put forth by Philosopher Nick Bostrom of MIT. As well as serve as expanding our understanding of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and even Heidegger’s, Berkeley’s and Wittgenstein’s concepts of “what is real.” so yea. we’re watching the freakin’ Matrix. Cause it’s awesome. 

So, after concluding The Matrix, conduct the following Analysis:

Respond to the following as a Journal Entry:

1.  Discuss how the ideas contained within the Matrix would support the Simulation Hypothesis put forth by Bostrom (see previous post on the subject)

2.  Discuss The Matrix as allegory/metaphor to our current “Real Life”

3.  At one point Morpheus says that we’re, “Born into bondage.”  Are we currently born into bondage?  What binds us and who ties the knots?

4.  Morpheus also remarks, “What is real?  Reality is nothing more than electrical signals interpreted by your brain” What do you think about this?

The Matrix ends with a song by Rage Against the Machine.  Watch the music video linked below and think about how it applies. This will be discussed, you do not need to include this in your journal post.

Read the Interview with Nick Bostrom from The New Yorker Magazine below:

And linked her is his essay on The Dragon mentioned in the piece above illustrating the need of assessing and addressing Existential Risk:

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