Fight For Equality: Black Heroes of the Progressive Era

As you’ve learned, there was much racism, oppression and violence in America after the Civil War perpetrated for the purpose of oppressing African Americans socially, politically and economically.

Due to the fact it was clear few white people in power were willing to help, the daunting and difficult task of FIGHTING FOR EQUALITY was largely left to the blacks themselves.

As our thematic focus is “Equality” your task is to choose one of the Heroes listed below and Identify:

  • What experiences Influenced the beliefs and actions of your Hero?
  • What difficulties and/or obstacles to Equality did they face?
  • Identify and explain 1-3 successes of your Hero; SPECIFICALLY explain how these successes aimed at establishing EQUALITY. In short, link these successes to the concept of EQUALITY

Heroes To Choose From

  • Benjamin “Pap” Singleton (1809-1892)
  • Isaiah Montgomery (1847-1924)
  • Lucy Laney (1854-1933)
  • Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
  • Ida B. Wells. (1862-1931).
  • W.E.B. DuBois (1868-1963)
  • Charlotte Hawkins Brown (1883-1961)
  • Ned Cobb (1885-1973)
  • Walter White (1893-1955)
  • Charles Hamilton Houston (1895-1950)
  • Barbara Johns (1935-1986)

Click here for a Link to a collection of short informative video resources for each of the Heroes Above

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