Equality: Methods of oppression investigated: The Tulsa Massacre (1921)

Upon becoming “Free” black men and women in the united states were certainly not equal. In spite of the efforts of some members of the federal government to increase their equality by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1875 as well as the 13th and 14th Amendments, the Supreme court struck down the civil rights act in 1883 stating that citizens are not protected from private discrimination because its private–not government sponsored.

This led to the Jim Crow Laws of the south as well as increased racism in the north and instead of moving black americans toward equality, society did the opposite.

This is no more clear than in the tragic case of the Tulsa Massacre.

Learn about the Tulsa Massacre HERE by reading this short illustrated description of the events or Watch THIS VOX REPORT on the Massacre

Which method of oppression does the Tulsa Massacre represent?

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