Working on Your Internal Assessment: The Introduction

the-beginningWell.  Here we are!  Internal Assessment time!  Don’t worry! This will be fun! Especially since we’re going to do it together!

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Seriously though.  You’re gonna be fine.  The KEY however is staying on top of the progression.  Today you’re earning a full work day–USE IT WELL!

Your tasks today are: 

  1.  Identify the study you will replicate. Print it out. 
  2. Consult the works cited page of the study. What are other relevant studies? You’ll need to locate these in order to include them in your introduction. 
  3. Identify the area of psychology your study lives in. Not just “cognitive” or “social” but which sub-area within that level of analysis does your study live in? Make sure you’re clear on this. 
  4. Identify the Hypothesis, and corresponding AIM of your study. 
  5. Identify the Independent variable and dependent variable in your study. You CANNOT HAVE MORE THAN ONE IV OR DV !!!!!! if you do, you’ll get a zero. 
  6. Begin research on related studies (see #2 above)
  7. Begin writing introduction using the following PDFs as a guide (the amazing guide below was created by Psycho Hanson). 

IA instructions Intro 1

IA instructions intro 2

IA instructions intro 3

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