What makes a Good Leader? An inquiry

What makes a good Ruler? This is an absolutely massive question! You have to answer this for yourself every time you vote for student office or team captain, and will eventually consider it when you vote in national elections.

What makes a good leader?

Ideas in regard to what makes a good leader have changed over time (as ideas do). Your task is to utilize sources to identify how the concept has evolved while simultaneously formulate your own opinion in this regard.

Use the resources below to answer the Questions: (1) To what extent has the concept of quality leadership changed over time? and (2) Where do leaders derive their authority/power from? (3) What makes a great leader?

2: 100 quotes on Leadership

3: Leonidas meets xerxes though fictional, two ideologies are expressed; articulate these different ideologies

4: Medieval Sourcebook: Council of Constance 1415

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