Test Prep! How to get those Elusive Critical Thinking Points!!!

Putting the Critical Thinking Puzzle Together

In class, we went over a paper 3 in great detail with the goal of demystifying the IB rubric.

We generated a great “HOW TO” earn critical thinking points list! It’s reproduced below:

  1. Make Connections between perspectives.  If you’re talking about stereotypes, discuss schema theory and social identity theory. Make connections between ideas, theories, perspectives.  Show that you are a thinking human being that understands life does not occur in “units” but rather simultaneously.
  2. Show your work:  In math, you show your work so that you can get points and credit for your mathematical thought process. Do the same in IB PSYCH!  Don’t just come to a conclusion, explain how you got there and what your thought process is.
  3. Analyze from multiple perspectivesIt’s great to critique a study that you just cited. However if you are using a piece of research as evidence to suppport a point or a theory, and then you launch into a 2 paragraph critique of how really worthless the study actually is, then why did you use that study in the first place!!!?!?  You can tear it down, but you better build it back up!
  4. Integrate ‘Real World’ examples and analogies It’s important to show that you understand the ‘real world’ implications and applications of the psychological phenomena and theory you’re studying.  By integrating real world examples and making analogies, you demonstrate to the IB grader that you are more than a regurgitator of facts. You have a comprehensive understanding of psychology and they should reward you with a 7.
    Putting the Critical Thinking Puzzle Together

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