Perspective Taking: Analyzing the origin of personal perspectives on controversial issues via case studies

Arguments arise from 2 or more individuals holding a different PERSPECTIVE on a given issue or topic. As you all know from experience, having an argument can be quite frustrating when you feel that the other person does not understand where you are coming from. Part of that is also understanding where the OTHER person is coming from. IN TOK we want to work on empathizing and perspective taking in order to understand the origin of certain points of view

In order to help us through the process of perspective taking and analysis, we will use the following framework:

Selection of Information
Sources of Knowledge

After you have read through sections: 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 in Kognity, I’ll share two different hypothetical “Real World Situations” with you. You will then be required to: A) Take a position and B) Analyse your own position (perspective) on the issue as well as the OPPOSITE perspective.

Lastly, you and a partner or two will analyze two perspectives on a given issue using the framework above and make a video to share with the class and school community! Assignment Linked HERE

Assignment Rubric (Only assessed on Perspectives) linked HERE

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