Is Moral War Possible?


IS morality in war an oxymoron?  Answer this. Now think back, was there a time when war was practiced within the confines of moral laws of engagement? Was there a time when war was total and absolute?  Where does the world stand today in opinion regarding this question? Where do you stand? 

We’ll watch hitler’s speech to Germany rationalizing his use of total warfare against England: 

We’ll then read about the brilliant American Author Kurt Vonnegut’s experiences in WW2 with the fire bombing of Dresdan:

Resource #1:

Resource #2:;c=mqr;c=mqrarchive;idno=act2080.0049.111;rgn=main;view=text;xc=1;g=mqrg

We’ll discuss the above and then view similar practice from a different perspective via former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s WW2 experience in the Pacific realm via the award winning documentary Fog of War. 

When finished with our learnings, we’ll self reflect via the following learning helper: 

Morality in War?

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