IB Psych Paper 3: Analyzing Research

Research Methods: Paper 3

Read the article on the famous Purdue study on learning methods and retention of information and then answer the accompanying questions below in order to increase your fluency in regard to quantitative and qualitative research methods!!

If you Really Want to Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test

Questions for Understanding:

  1. Identify the target population
  2. What Sampling Technique was used? What the strengths/weaknesses of this approach? List the other sampling techniques.
  3. What type of research was conducted? In what category of research would you place the Purdue Study?
  4. Evaluate the external validity of these findings
  5. Describe what other findings would have to exist in order to provide methodological triangulation


Finish the learning helper below to give you a better understanding of Observational Research!

Understanding Observational Research

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