How do we know what the best way to govern is?

“Protection without Oppression” certainly seems like one ideal for government, though there’s gotta be more to it then that right?

The debate over good government has raged since the enlightenment. Prior to that, citizens didn’t really have much say, nor education, in regard to alternative forms of government. However after the Enlightenment, citizens have been armed with ideas and methods for critiquing various forms of governance. All protests are critiques on current government efficacy or rather lack there of, and thus examining the “perfect government” falls under our scope of investigation.

This debate has shaped much history since; and played a massive role in the 20th century in the form of the Cold War- and ideological battle between communism and democracy.

It is widely believed that Democracy is the best form of government, but is it?

Watch the debate below in order to give you some different perspectives on this issue!

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