How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?

Ending racism is certainly a beautiful goal and should be the goal of all civilized societies. However like most things worthwhile, doing so is much easier said than done!

Your task is to watch the TED talk linked below in which Mr. Davis strives to find an answer to the question heading this post and use the experiences of Mr. Davis in conjunction with your own Social Psychology knowledge to design an “action plan to reducing racism in America”

Daryl Davis TED Talk: Why I as a Black Man attend KKK rallies.

Record your solution to reducing racism as a FLIP grid (Each class’ flip grid link can be found below). Ensure that you are referencing both the TED talk and social psych research and/or Theory in your response!:

Period 8: Flipgrid link here

Period 1: Flipgrid link here

Period 5: Flipgrid link here

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