Haters Gonna Hate: Language and Narcissism in Post Modern America

In TOK, we examine the ways in which language affects cognition and constructs knowledge.  However it’s equally important to understand the way in which our culture, beliefs, and values are reflected in the language we create. 

Read the excellently written piece by American Author Colson Whitehead examining the growing use of “you do you” and “haters gonna hate” and what it says about our culture. Reflect on the questions below prior to our discussion: 

Colson Whitehead on “how you do you” perfectly captures our narcissistic culture

1.  Do you agree that use of the idioms stated are indicative of a broader societal epidemic of narcissism? 

2.  Do you believe that use of language affects cognition?

3.  Do you believe that this phenomenon is new?  Or do you believe it’s simply captured in language differently?

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