Fabric of the cosmos–Mind Blown.

After we’ve read about Simulation Theory, Expansionary theory and now watched the incredible “Fabric of the Cosmos” by NOVA and Brian Greene, your mind is probably (and hopefully) spinning.

If you began our math unit certain that the laws of physics and mathematics were “in there somewhere” and it was only a matter of time before we discovered them, do you feel the same way now? Are you still a Platonist in regard to mathematics?  Or, have you started to sway towards empiricism (generalizations about the observed world) and Formalism (Mathematical truths are true by definition)? 

Some reasons you may be swayed:

1.  Newton’s laws were considered “perfect” as they described what we could observe.

2. However as our powers of observation increased, we realized that what we were observing were but “shadows on the wall of the cave” to use a Plato reference thus

3. Einstein created his theories of relativity and space time. DRASTICALLY different than newtonian physics. This was a scientific revolution

4. If Newton’s laws, which stood for 100s of years, could be proven wrong, what else can?!?!?!?!  Will Einstein’s theories be proven wrong as well?!?!?! IF so,


This of course brings us to Descartes who asked this very question…we’ll move into his philosophy later….


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