A Psychological Legitimization of Link Crew


The Boomerang Project (linkable) and it’s Link Crew initiative provide a lot of information on the fact that Link Crew WORKS! But they don’t provide much information explaining WHY it works! Thus,

Task: Your task is to provide a research based psychological legitimization and rationalization for the Link Crew Program at SAS. IN short, WHY DOES IT WORK?

This Research by Professor Walton of Stanford (while he was at YALE) is a great place to start!


Download the document below that is your assignment for this project. The end result will be a keynote presentation!

A Psychological Legitimization of Link Crew: A Psychological Legitimization of Link Crew

Our First Step will be to understand what exactly link crew is. Firstly, we’ll consult our resident link crew leaders as they explain to you the following:

  1.  What are the goals of link crew?
  2. What activities do you engage in to reach your goals?
  3. Has a rationalization for these activities been given to you? if so, what is it?
  4. What “maintenance” activities do you engage in throughout the year?

Next, use the link to the Boomerang Project above to further your understanding of what link crew is.

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