Why We’re Smart and Can I Get Smarter?

UPDATED ASSIGNMENT SHEET: Intelligence Essential Question PBL

You’re concerned with your intelligence. You probably, erroneously, even attach your self esteem to your academic reported level of intelligence. You believe intelligence is the key to your future happiness (when you really should be focused on your present happiness anyway…).  You care about intelligence.  So, it would follow, you’d care to understand how you were blessed (or stuck) with the intelligence you have or if that previous statement is completely absurd!  Perhaps intelligence is not something you’re blessed or cursed with but rather something that you cultivate.

Your task is to discover the answer.  Is intelligence fixed?  Is it fluid?  Can we control it?  Are there some aspects of intelligence we can control but others we cannot?  Your job is to figure it out ! So download the learning helper above and begin your investigative work into the realm of intelligence!

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