The Avengers = Trash: Understanding Logical Fallacies

Arguments are a huge part of life. You can’t likely go 3 hours without someone trying to convince you of….something. Therefore, it is important that you have the skills to recognize when an argument is Valid and when it is just noise designed to distract you from proper analysis of the claims within.

Logical Fallacies are errors in reasoning that are frequently used in argumentation. Fallacies are tricks that can convince you of the validity of an argument; but in actuality they are not valid arguments–they are tricks designed to play on our own cognitive biases.

Your task is to use the resources below to educate yourself on Logical Fallacies. Then, you must IDENTIFY and EMAIL MR. KUYKENDALL all the logical fallacies that are contained within the AVENGERS ARE TRASH argument linked below:


Logical Fallacy Resources:

This Website is Solely Dedicated to explaining Logical Fallacies. Hover your mouse cursor over the black square surrounding the man on the throne and the explanation will appear: THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT LOGICAL FALLACIES

This Video analyzing a Trump speech is both educational and anger making….Trump uses 15 different logical fallacies in 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start the video at 4 minutes:

This next video is an explanation of the most common Logical Fallacies. It’s 3 minutes long in total and Very Clear:

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