Rethinking Depression

Watch the incredibly informative and insightful ted talk linked below and then complete the case study! ¬†We’ll discuss the ideas contained within such as:

  • Mind as different from brain
  • Depression as a holistic disorder, not brain based
  • Ineffectiveness of SSRI based treatments
  • “Eclectic Approaches” to treatment

After watching the above video, complete the case study assignment linked below:

Depression Case study TREATMENT

Next, read the article, “A new Focus on Depression”

And consider the following:

  1. Summarize Dr. Richard Friedman’s attitudes towards chemical treatments for anti-depression.
  2. Cite 2 arguments he makes why anti-depressant medication is not very effective
  3. What could be the way forward in regard to treating depression if not chemicals? Cite a piece of evidence Dr. Friedman uses as support.

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