Addicted to Love

“Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love.”  –Robert Palmer

“You are the Perfect Drug” –Nine Inch Nails

It’s truly remarkable that love has been likened to a drug by so many poets, artists and authors; and yet–it’s taken this long for someone like Helen Fisher to look into the relationship between the feeling of love and chemical addiction!!

Read the studies by Helen Fisher below, as well as the Scientific American Post on Cocaine and consider the role of neurotransmission on behavior as well as how these findings fit within our broader essential question of, “To What Extent Do We Have Free Will?”

Love as a drug? Helen Fisher on the Addiction of love:

Study Abstract:

In Laymen’s Terms:

Now, consider the above in relation to this Scientific American Post on Cocaine?  What are the similarities between being in love and being addicted to drugs?

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