A Research Crisis in Psychology?!


There has been A LOT of press recently (as well as nerdy argumentation) regarding the extent to which psychological science is suffering from terrible research.

Why is this a problem? Because Psychology claims to be a science and bases it’s claims, theories and postulates on the “scientific method” however the scientific method necessitates accuracy, honesty, and replication.  Three elements that the most recent report in the Journal SCIENCE (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/349/6251/aac4716.full) have noted are too frequently missing. Thus, where does that leave psychology?

Read the summary by VOX Below: 


And consider the following: 

*Can we trust any piece of research? 

*What makes research valid? Is there such a thing as “more valid” and “less valid” research? 

*What does the word “power” mean when applied to psychological research? 

Below is further coverage of the issue (specific to the concept of ego depletion) from Slate.com:


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